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About Serbia



Serbia is located in southeastern Europe, in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula.  In terms of geography,   country with its northern part belongs to central Europe. Serbia is landlocked country with big river Danube as a connector with distant seas and oceans.  Geopolitically, this country is situated on a crossroads of Europe. The shortest link between Europe and the Middle East is formed by railway and other routes which run through Serbia’s river valleys.

Vojvodina on the north is covered by Pannonian Plain, central part of country – Šumadija, is fulfilled by river valleys and orchard-covered hills.  On the south, the landscapes of Serbia represent big mountains, preserved forests, big canyons, gorges and caves. National parks, rivers and lakes are our recommendation for perfect destination for an active holiday.

Rich history of Serbia testifies that the country has been in the middle of Europe’s and world’s attention, despite its modest size, economic power and number of inhabitants. Prehistoric and antique archaeological sites and medieval Serbian churches and monasteries (some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list) are big part of the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

Numerous Cultural and sporting events are held in Serbia all year long.  For example, “Exit” festival in Novi Sad is one of the biggest music festivals in southeastern Europe.

Today, Serbia is democratic, modern country with a large range of visitors – from students to congressmen and fair participants.

The capital city – Belgrade, and the city of Novi Sad are the two most-visited destinations in Serbia. The others are mountains of Kopaonik and Zlatibor and spa-towns such as Vrnjačka Banja and Sokobanja.